The Challenge 21: RIVALS

Camila's third Challenge... "Camila first appeared on Spring Break Challenge, but the Brazilian native left her mark on Cutthroat, where her outspoken manner drew the unwanted attention of the house mean girls. Despite verbal attacks and accusations of theft from her female competitors, this fiery beauty fought her way through seven rounds of competition, proving that she had heart, in addition to her sassy attitude. This time around, Camila is paired up with one of her former tormentors, and the two will have to put their differences aside if they want a shot at victory."

EP1- Welcome to the Jungle
EP2- Through the Looking Glass
EP3- Underdog Day Afternoon


Check out the crazy pictures/videos from the 
Cut Throat Challenge in PRAGUE, Czec Republic

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The Challenge 20: CUTTHROAT

Camila's second Challenge..."Camila was one of the winners of Spring Break Challenge and is here to prove that she can make it in the big leagues, as well. This exotic beauty was born in Sao Paola, Brazil and has lived in the United States for ten years. Currently, she is a student as the University of Nebraska, where she studies International Business and Journalism. New to the game, Camila brings a fresh perspective to the competition and is ready for whatever comes her way, boasting, "I'm definitely tough enough to stay here. I'll do whatever it takes. I've never done this before, but we'll see how it goes.""

EP1- Czec Yourself 
EP2- Newbie Doobie Doo
EP3- Karma's a Bitch
EP4- Swat the Hell?
EP5- Couching Tyger
EP6- Red Team blows
EP7- Hell Hath no Fury


Check out the crazy pictures/videos from the 
Cut Throat Challenge in PRAGUE, Czec Republic



The Spring Break Challenge was Camila's first Challenge. It's where everything started. Her and her teammates from the University of Nebraska went on Spring Break without realizing they were signing up for Camila's first Challenge Championship and her future with MTV. Check out her first ever video to be aired in national television. (Click on picture below)

Her first meltdown...Our guess as to why she was picked to be on the Challenges: She'll eat habanero peppers & sheep testicles like no one's business.

EP1- Melt with You

EP2- Spin me Round

EP3- Cucko's nest

EP4- Balls of Glory

EP5- Final Enchilada


Check out the crazy pics/vids from the 
Spring Break Challenge 2010 in ACAPULCO